About Boulia

The Desert Sands Motel is located in Boulia, a charismatic outback town in north western Queensland. Gazetted in 1879, Boulia has a population of 200 and is home to the Boulia Camel Races, a unique race meet that draws thousands of people to the Boulia show grounds in July each year.

Boulia is renowned for its mysterious min min lights; celestial balls of light that appear to travellers and have no scientific explanation. Boulia is also the home of an array of marine dinosaur fossils that have been found in the area, remnants from a prehistoric inland sea.

Boulia’s top attractions:

Min Min Encounter – Boulia’s newest attraction the Min Min Encounter is a truly unique outback experience. Come and see the show and hear some stories and possible explanations of Boulia’s mysterious min min lights.

Stonehouse Museum – Boulia’s Stonehouse Museum is filled with an impressive display of 100 million-year-old dinosaur fossils and historical pioneering artifacts and is a wealth of outback history.

Boulia Sports & Aquatic Centre – This fantastic $4 million centre is one of its kind in the north west and is enjoyed by Boulia locals and travellers alike.

Police Barracks and Waterhole – This significant historical site, where the ruins of Boulia’s original police barracks lie, is great for catching that elusive yellow belly fish or a few yabbies to throw on the BBQ.

Cawnpore Hills – On the road to Boulia, stop to admire these picturesque mesas that are only found in one other part of the world; South America.

Waddi Trees –  The wood of these rare trees is known to be one of the hardest timbers in the world. Found in only three locations in the world, there is a major patch on the Coorabulka Road, approximately 10 kilometres east of Boulia.

For more information about Boulia and its attractions, see the Boulia Shire Council website.